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Annual "Play Ball"
Annual Survivor Celebration Picnic
Annual "Day in the Country"
Annual "Social Bowl" & Silent Auction Fundraiser


We’re MOVING FORWARD! began several years ago with a small group of people whose lives were affected by brain injury. We are made up of survivors, family, and friends, in the Phoenix metro area whose common goal is to increase their interaction with others outside the “support group” environment. We have all traveled down the difficult road from injury to recovery—a process that can begin in an instant but often last a lifetime. One of the most difficult challenges following years of recovery and rehabilitation, for both the survivor and the family members who cared for them, is the process of rebuilding friendships and making new social connections. We’re MOVING FORWARD! facilitates events and activities designed to reestablish a sense of community and promote active participation in social activities for those affected by brain injury. We encourage everyone’s participation in the planning and execution of group events and activities, and promote peer mentoring through the sharing of ideas and experiences. Every brain injury is as different as the individual affected by it and we value that uniqueness and encourage everyone to join in and have some fun!

We welcome anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury and find themselves in similar circumstances to contact us and get involved! Please see our About Us page to learn more.