We Can Get Through This!

On Saturday February 6, 2010 I woke up at night with nausea, vomiting, weakness… it felt like the flu… no, I think I had this before. It felt like the food poisoning I got during my global travels. My wife said, “Should I take you to a Hospital?” I said, “No call the paramedics.”

It wasn’t the flu or food poisoning or a drunken stupor; it was a Stroke. I had a Cerebellar Stroke with Dysarthria and Ataxia. I was 54, and overnight I had major, major, impairments in communication, muscle movements and physical coordination.

At first my family was devastated. But when they saw that my attitude was healthy and positive, they thought “WE CAN GET THOUGH THIS.” They pulled together and took control. They helped me to do simple things again like talk and walk.

I am now 5 years into my journey and it’s far from over. I can’t run, my memory is shot, I “run out of gas”… it’s who I am now. You can’t make a leopard change its spots, but I look forward to a different future. I take pleasure from the small things in life, I take better care of myself, and I appreciate my family even more.