Survivor 2 Survivor

As told to survivor, Sandra Franco-Larson

Before her brain injury, Ally identified herself as a student/athlete and played softball. She was a pitcher for both her High school and club softball teams. During her junior year of high school, Ally had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, a common injury among pitchers. However, this didn’t deter Ally from her dream to play Division I softball at a University.

On December 3rd of 2015, Ally walked home after softball practice and was hit by a car. A driver made a left turn on a red arrow light as Ally crossed the crosswalk of the intersection between home and school. When paramedics arrived, the situation looked bleak. They worked to save her life and assessed Ally’s best chance for survival would be transported to the hospital by helicopter. However, in route, Ally slipped into a coma.

Her injuries were life-threatening, and doctors did not expect her to live. If she survived, they couldn’t see how she could have much of a life. Ally’s injuries were to both her frontal and temporal areas of her brain as well, as some bleeding in her brain. She fractured the back of her skull, sinus cavity, cheek bones, and ribs. She had a broken tibia, a torn knee ligament, the PCL in one leg and had multiple broken bones in her feet. However, Ally didn’t find out about the break in her leg or the multiple broken bones in her feet until she consulted an orthopedic doctor about repairing the torn PCL months later in Arizona.

“I don’t know how I’m doing so well. Nobody does. I am so blessed, and I love to say that God is on my side and He has a purpose for me here. He has helped me through this whole strengthening process.” That’s what she wants to do is to be the best she can be. She says, at first; felt her life was over and she felt so alone until she came to We’re MOVING FORWARD! and CTN. Now, she has friends who understand her. She tells me she’s not giving up. She is going to go back to school and go to Physicians Assistants School. She’ll have the empathy for young people who are struggling with a life changing trauma, illness or brain injury survivor. She says she’s stronger, loves herself and loves life.