Meet Yvette Fontaine

Hi my name is Yvette Fontaine and I have had a brain injury since shortly after birth caused by meningitis.   It was further complicated when in 2005 shortly after completing my degree in Education at Arizona State University, my ventricular shunts that were placed at birth began splintering in my brain.   I started getting really bad headaches and nausea, but it was finals week of my last semester at ASU so I ignored my symptoms and pushed through.   After making it through finals I started to feel worse and worse as the days progressed.

I was fortunate I was living with my family at the time so my mom contacted my primary care doctor who gave me a referral to Barrows Neurological institute where I could be evaluated.

When I first saw the doctor there they weren’t sure exactly what was going on and ordered a CT scan of my brain and an MRI.   It was after these tests that they discovered that my ventricular shunts were splintering in my brain and I need to be scheduled for emergency surgery.