Meet Kevin and Margarita

We are Kevin and Margarita Bright and we are the caregivers for our daughter Deanna who had a stroke when she was 18 days old.  It was not an easy way to come into the world, and we had many questions that the doctors could not answer.  She is one of three, we have triplets, Deanna, Alexandra, and Juan. We were fortunate that they were all able to start school together at age 5.

As Deanna grew older, she had her fair share of surgeries and recovery therapies.  She has weakness on her left side and some processing deficits.  Her most difficult problem had been the onset of seizures as she grew into her pre-teen years for which we sought care at Barrow Neurological Institute. She works hard at living with her challenges and we are there to give her support when we can.

We found the We’re Moving Forward group when we were at Barrows and St. Joseph’s Hospital.  It is a good group for Deanna and for us.  What the group helps us to do is to support one another and we like the support that we get from the other caregivers, and Deanna connects with the survivors.  We share and discuss brain injury life, but when we have activities, which is most of the time, we all mix together and hang out and enjoy the day.