Meet Justin —

I moved from the Chicago area about 3 years ago and was very enthusiastic when I found out and joined Ability360. This club has allowed me to remain active year round and participate in many activities such as personal training, swimming, rock climbing, terrain hopping and yoga (both indoors and in the therapy pool.) In Chicago, I was limited in what I could do due to the weather and trying to get around in snowy or wet conditions. I have CP and found that in Chicago I would be much tighter and my back, legs and feet would often cramp up or go numb in the cold.

I also found out about groups and events based on Ability360 partnerships. I am also active in Daring Adventures, Barrows Neurological Institute, We’re Moving Forward and Adaptive Watersports. At Ability360 I also volunteered at the exercise desk, at special events they hold and also participated in a Men’s Group.

Ability360 is part of my weekly schedule for exercising and also is a great social asset. I have made friends with my peers and with the staff at Ability360. Ability360 has opened up new doors for me, and for that I am grateful. By keeping in shape, I was able to do my first 5K ever this year at the Rock & Roll Marathon. I walked the entire route and it was one of the most special events for me and my family. I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t in shape and didn’t set goals and didn’t receive the personal training I received leading up to it.

—Justin Kaiser