Meet John

My name is John and I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident on March 10, 2007. I spent a good time thereafter in the hospital and different rehab programs. It’s been a long and difficult journey since. Trying to rebuild my friend base has been tough because I’m not quite the same person I was before my injury. People don’t always understand what my life is like with a brain injury and sometimes they have a hard time accepting who I am now.

One of the hardest things for me to deal with now is that my vision was also affected by my brain injury making navigating and getting around on my own difficult and unsafe at times. But all of the people involved with We’re Moving Forward understand my disability which lets me enjoy the activities more because I’m not worried about getting lost or separated from anyone, I’m with because we all look out for each other. I love all the great friends I’ve made and all the different activities we do together. Life would be very different for me today without this group.