Kurt’s Story

Hello. My name is Kurt. I was injured in 1998 during a freshman football game. I am now 31 and I am in a work re-entry program called CTN. I am going to start the job search soon.

After my initial injury (during the game), I appeared okay. It was not until the next day that I began to have symptoms of my head injury. I spent 8 weeks in a coma, then 9 months at Craig Rehab Hospital in Denver, CO. Due to my injury, I have difficulties with: pragmatics, physical mobility, and speed of processing. Despite these difficulties, I have a stronger faith and better attitude about life.

My life is so much better since joining We’re Moving Forward, because I am doing more for myself. I enjoy going to dinner, going to the social gatherings, and seeing the friends I’ve made in such a short period of time. The group has also been good for my family members. They enjoy the events and socializing with other caregivers. I look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events!