Kuna And Evie

It’s funny how the strangest things bring people together. Evie had acquired a brain injury from a tumor in 2000 and Kuna received a Traumatic Bain Injury from a motorcycle accident in 2006. We both received treatment when it occurred. Both of us being in our 20’s, fortunately, were able to bounce back due to our family, faith and services provided by St. Josephs. We both attended Center for Transitional Neuro rehabilitation & support groups that were offered and conducted by St. Josephs and support from peers and parents who were in the same circumstances regarding brain injury.

We first met at a young adult Brain Injury Support Group. Kuna, at the time, was new to life after a brain injury, Evie, on the other hand had already been at it for a few years. We would occasionally see each other at different functions and would talk very shortly. Kuna walked Evie out to her car one night after a bowling event for the support group and asked for her phone number. Evie being hesitant replied “no, but here’s my email.” Kuna didn’t even take it. Years passed and we would still run into each other. We eventually started dating and on 12/12/12 we became husband and wife. Both of us had lived on our own but used different compensations. As a couple living together, we combined compensations. We both are stubborn and determined and that’s what drives us. We might bump heads sometimes, but the good thing about a T.B.I or A.B.I. is we tend to have poor short-term memories and get over things quickly. Whether you have a brain injury or not there is always someone out there for you. Luckily for us we can both understand each of our difficulties & what the other can and cannot do. The support groups & events like those offered through We’re Moving Forward are good examples/ ways of getting yourself out there.

You might not find that person right away but keep attending the support groups and events. “Kill two birds with one stone”. I hope that gives a good story as to how a brain injury couple meet each other. It just so happens we have the injury in common!

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