Hard Work Pays Off! — Kevin Frame

I am Kevin Frame. I have triumphed over the horrific events that gave me my Traumatic Brain Injury.  When I was 19, I took a trip with my friends to California and it went horribly wrong. While on a trip, I had a motorcycle accident that stopped my heart, demolished my left kidney, gave me ataxia, apraxia, and aphasia from a botched brain surgery after I got into Arizona. After I spent some time in California for life, I took the most expensive plane ride in my life. Then I was flown into Arizona. I will just give you the run-down to speed it up: DOA, Brain Surgery, flew into AZ, CareMeridian, Barrows, Rehab Without Walls, infection, Barrows again, Rehab Without Walls again, Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation, and then The Brain Center.

I have been through hell and back. I STILL have a smile on my face. I am always looking on the bright side of things thinking “It could’ve been worse.” In fact, I made a t-shirt that says, “I Have Been Through Worse”. I still walk around with a walker/cane, going into rehab to hopefully get back into school and work. The We’re Moving Forward group has given me the outlook to see another point of view about life with a Traumatic Brain Injury.