Suffer to Sing the Blues — Jeff Smith

My name is Jeff Smith and I moved to Arizona in 2015 to be closer to the rest of my family. Before that I lived in Galveston TX and Philadelphia PA. Before that I graduated high school in Ocean City NJ and was in a car accident the night before I was going to start college. I spent three months in a coma …then 38 years with a TBI. I improved as much as I could with LOTS of rehab and therapies and hard work, but after all this time I just want to focus on having fun. My injury changed me physically (I don’t move very well or very fast and I mostly use a wheelchair but sometimes a walker). It also changed me mentally (I can’t remember what I had for lunch – or if I had lunch – and I can’t really read or learn a lot). But one thing my injury didn’t change too much is my personality. I kept my laid-back attitude and sense of humor. I love music, and food, and people. You can probably guess why I like the “We’re Moving Forward” group: fun activities and socializing!

I almost forgot to tell you that my psychologist Dr. Lamb helped me write a book last year! It is called “Suffer to Sing the Blues” and you could get one on Amazon or just ask me! It is all about what it’s like to live with a head injury and I guarantee you will be able to relate to it.