It Gives Me Hope!

I’m Erika.  I was born with anoxia.  I was put in an incubator and was in the hospital for 21 days.  I was put on seizure medication to stop the seizures and thankfully no longer suffer from them.  I developed physically perfectly, but as I grew older my mom noticed that my memory was impaired from an early age.

I grew up thinking that I was alone in my situation. I grew up looking completely normal, but always forgetting things and people giving me weird looks because I looked unintelligent.   I lost friendships because I would forget appointments and would forget things we discussed, and it made it look like I didn’t care although I did.

[We’re Moving Forward] TBI group has helped me that all these issues are okay; all TBIs look different.  It’s so great to be able to talk to others who really understand you…   I am so thankful for this group because it gives me HOPE! I have struggled in keeping jobs because I didn’t know how to advocate for myself and how to search for the right job.  Now I am in rehab and it has helped me cope with my disability so well!