Holly—Enjoying Life

I am from the small town of Spearman Texas, population of 2,916 at the time. I had been driving for about 4 months and worked at a privately-owned clothing store. Helping this one boy who seemed nice find some clothes, led to a friendship and almost killed me. He lived in a smaller town about fifteen minutes away.

Well those fifteen minutes led me to a 3-month coma, a Med-Evac ride, and a five-month hospital stay. The helicopter had engine troubles on its way but found me in a field halfway between the two towns and managed to get me to the nearest city which was Amarillo, Texas. I was in Amarillo at Northwest Texas Hospital ICU for three weeks. Then I was flown to Dallas and was directed to a children’s hospital, Our Children’s House at Baylor. I was at that rehabilitation hospital for four months. I was finally sent home in April of 2003. I was home schooled that summer and was able to attend school and graduate with my class of 2004!

I moved to Phoenix in 2011. My cousin, who had a cousin that already lived here, looked up Spofit, a sports and recreation center for the people with physical disabilities, and a support group where I ended up meeting others involved with this activity group. I have been a participant in this group ever since!

Since I have lived in Az and become part of the brain injury community, I no longer feel alone and I’m more inspired than ever to be productive and communicative! Of course, I have days when the motivation to start the day is gone. I just realize there is no person on this planet who doesn’t have those days. This is the best group of friends I could ever possibly know! I feel happy to be here in Phoenix since this was always a dream of mine. I wanted to live here independently but because of my turn of events I thought my dream of living here was stolen from me. It wasn’t and I’m still enjoying my life regardless of my disability.