Hi, I’m Kayla!

Hi, my name is Kayla Routhier, I am 19 years old almost 20 as of July. Many people do not know this, but I had a brain tumor at age 12. In June of 2012 it was classified as stage 4 cancer and removed right in the nick of time before paralyzing me from my neck and down. I am willing to share my story to expand my ‘branches’ out in the community.

In June 2012, I was enjoying my time Father’s Day at the Thunderbird speedway to watch funny cars racing. It started off to be as a great evening until we started to walk back to the car, which was very devastating, I felt like a “crazy blind person.” I had radiation for 9 months and chemo for 1 1/2 with blood transfusions and MRIs every so often. After all that, and getting the help I desperately needed, I started participating in the We’re Moving Forward group which has helped me get into more activities socially and physically.