Dan and JoJo’s Journey

Hello! We’re Dan and JoJo. We are a happily engaged couple planning to be married sometime this year 2018. Dan acquired his TBI in 1994 when he was thrown from a horse. He also had a stroke in 2014 while in the middle of surgery for a brain aneurysm. JoJo acquired her TBI in 1998 when she fell in the carport of her family home while being transferred from her wheelchair, which she uses due to Muscular Dystrophy. We met through our involvement in theatre and instantly became friends. Once we got to know more about each other, our relationship moved beyond just friends and we’ve been moving forward together ever since!

Although our age gap is 34 years apart, we are definitely two peas in a pod!

Due to both being TBI survivors, in addition to our own individual needs, we both have an understanding and patience with ourselves and each other when effects from our TBI or other disabilities come into play. We also have a great sense of humor about it all too.

WMF is important to us because it is nice to get together with others who know exactly what it’s like to do things a little differently. There are different levels of TBI’s and various stages in recovery and as survivors to go through, and everyone in WMF understands this and therefore are very welcoming and holds activities that are accessible for all. Thank you WMF, we love you!