Christine and Asia

Hi there, my name is Christine and my daughter, Asia Ruottinen, is a survivor of a TBI and I wanted to share her story.

Back on May 17th, 2018 she was crossing the street with a friend, when someone who was doing 60-mph in a 40-mph area struck her with their car and didn’t bother to stop. The hospital and detectives didn’t expect her to survive the night. She went into the hospital with a coma scale of 3 and was unresponsive and on life support. She sustained multiple subdural hematomas, diffused axonal and sheering brain injury. Her face was shattered right collar bone left shoulder blade, L5 transverse fracture, broken pelvis left tib/fib and right kneecap were all broken. She underwent three major surgeries in three days sustained a blood infection while in ICU then two weeks later underwent her knee surgery. She spent a total of four weeks in the hospital and another four weeks in a neurological inpatient rehab.

Her recovery has been amazing, but her brain is still healing she’s depressed allot and her whole life has Changed. Mine too but I try every day to help her see the positive and for her to see she is worth so much and that things will get better.