Bob’s Story

As told to survivor, Sandra Franco-Larson

Sacramento, California:  April 7, 2005 Bob Williams of Scottsdale, Arizona, was on a business trip in Sacramento, California when he had a stroke, changing both he and his wife Lizbeth ‘s, life as they knew it. It started with a severe headache.  Bob was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The cause was a cerebral aneurysm and he needed to be treated immediately. To stop the aneurysm from rupturing he underwent a noninvasive procedure called Coiling. The doctor inserted a thin platinum wire through a blood vessel in the groin area and up into the aneurysm. Coils are packed into the ballooning aneurysm, blood coagulates around it, closing the opening of the aneurysm thereby reduced the risk a rupture. That should have solved the problem. However, a coil slipped out of the aneurysm, and traveled to another part of his brain and ultimately caused a stroke.

Meanwhile, his wife, Lizbeth Congiusti was home in Arizona, unaware of Bob’s condition until the doctor phoned at 2 am to inform her Bob had a Subarachnoid hemorrhage, a stroke caused by a bleed in the brain. Lizbeth took the first flight available to Sacramento and was joined by her sister,
later in the afternoon.

After the first procedure failed, Bob had a second more invasive procedure (Surgical clipping) to contain the aneurysm.  Lizbeth had to do one of the hardest things ever in her life.  She called her stepsons telling them to come see their father because she didn’t know if Bob would live or die. Fortunately, the three-and-a-half-hour surgery was successful. Bob spent 41 days in the California hospital before he would be able to travel and continue treatment in Arizona.

Flying these days can be stressful for people without any medical issues.

UPDATE:  Our Dear Friend Bob passed away in October of 2016.  Bob touched the lives and hearts of so many and will be missed terribly.  As he always said:  “Don’t you ever…..ever…..ever let your meat loaf!” Our sympathy goes out to his wife Lizbeth, his mother Minerva and their entire family.