Adam’s Story

I am Adam Pepiton and I was a victim of a drive by shooting, which happened in September of 2010, in which I was shot in the head and it has had a massive influence on my life. This injury gave me a different perspective on things that most people take for granted such as my physical surroundings, work, social life, friends, and family.

I volunteer at several different places to gain work experience and currently am taking college classes at a community college. An area that was affected is that I have to learn how to be more social. My injury caused aphasia and I have a hard time with my word retrieval. At times it may take me several minutes to express how I feel or even come up with a proper response to a question or comment. Socially it is hard for me to connect with people because I often do not know what to say quickly in response to them and I’m extremely shy when out of my comfort zone.

To connect with people, I have joined several different sports programs, support groups and We’re MOVING FORWARD! When it comes to making new friends, I have a hard time outside of my old friends, the support group friends, and the friends made thru We’re MOVING FORWARD which I have made over the years. The friends that I have made from the brain support groups and We’re MOVING FORWARD will stay close to me because we all have our injuries common. We also get together at least once a month for some kind of event. When I am out of my comfort zone, out in the community, people usually just avoid introducing themselves or conversing with me a majority of the time so meeting new people is difficult.  This is also due to my shyness.

In conclusion if you are going through a bad time in your life you should make little changes at a time to see what makes your life more enjoyable to yourself. All it takes is small forward steps to make major changes in your life and participating with We’re MOVING FORWARD is one you can take.