Up North Adventure

Fri Jun07 - Mon 10

2684 Lodge Loop, Overgaard AZ  85933

Family Friendly / Accessible

The Lodge will be open at 12:00 6/7 and close at 12:00 6/10

All Seasons Lodge

2684 Lodge Loop, Overgaard AZ 85933

As of 5/28/19 there is one room available at the Lodge - see below

We have added on an additional day to our Annual Up North Adventure!  Save the dates and make plans to join us in 2019!


IMG_5114 (2)The All Seasons Lodge -The main location for everyone to meet.  The lodge is huge!  Although all of the rooms except for one are upstairs, the bottom level is accessible and has a large dining area, living room, game room with TV, games and movies, kitchen and two large accessible bathrooms.  There is also a wrap around patio that is accessible that has a fire pit, fireplace, BBQ, chairs and table.  There is a lawn area for games.  "Click here" to view Lodge.

The All Seasons Lodge is rented by We’re MOVING FORWARD! and has only 5 rooms available. They all have their own separate costs associated with them.


PLEASE SCROLL TO BOTTOM TO VIEW OTHER LODGING OPTIONS - all within or near the Bison Ranch Community.


Room reservations at the Lodge officially opened 11/25/18 as follows:


Upstairs Master King Ensuite  $120 per day (Total of $360 for 3 days) ½ deposit required of $180 to reserve (Master king with private deck, cable TV, full bath and shower) (located on 2nd level - access by stairs only) SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Downstairs Master King with private bathroom (shower only) $100 per day (Total of $300 for 3 days) ½ deposit required of $150 to reserve.  SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Upstairs Queen $75 per day (Total of $225 for 3 days) ½ deposit required of $150 to reserve (located on 2nd level - access by stairs only) Final payment required by 3/31/19.  SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Upstairs Queen $75 per day (Total of $225 for 3 days) ½ deposit required of $150 to reserve (located on 2nd level - access by stairs only) Final payment required by 3/31/19. SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Upstairs – Two Twin Beds $75 per day (Total of $225 for 3 days) ½ deposit required of $150 to reserve (located on 2nd level - access by stairs only) Final payment required by 3/31/19. SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Loft $20 per day per person (Available for up to two people) (Total cost of $60 per person for 3 days) ½ deposit of $60 per person required to reserve (located on 2nd level – access by stairs only)  Final payment required by 3/31/19  SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Game Room $20 per day per person (Available for up to three people) (Total cost of $60 per person for 3 days) ½ deposit of $60 per person required to reserve (Game room by day – this room is used for additional sleeping space in the evening for up to 3 people.  You will need to bring your own cot, padding/sleeping bag for floor) SORRY - ALREADY BOOKED!


Dogs/pets are not permitted at the lodge or when at the lake with our group, due to safety concerns.  This includes “therapy dogs / animals”.  ONLY registered service animals will be allowed.


Those not staying at the Lodge will need to rent their own cabin, timeshare or condo within the Bison Ranch Community.  Bison Ranch is a western themed area with an old fashioned town and cabins throughout the property.  Depending on where you rent, basically everything is within walking or rolling distance.  The roads are flat paved surfaces.  No hills.


See below for other rentals in the area.  We recommend that you plan as far in advance as possible and reserve your rental.


Meals – your own cost (Except Saturday Evening - WMF is providing food)


Transportation – your responsibility and your cost


It is up to you if you want to come up for the entire time, or if you can only stay Friday or Saturday night.  You can also determine how much you want to do.  We do make available the following, and will need to know if you plan on attending any of these:


IMG_5096Check-In at the Lodge

If you are staying at the Lodge - we will have someone there to get the key and open everything up at 2:00.  Feel free to arrive as you are able.  You do not have to be there right at 2:00.



IMG_5162 (2)

Bison Ranch

Featuring Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Fishing Pond – Catch & Release only, Kids Play area and Ramada, Old Fashioned Western Town for shopping, Horseback Stable/Riding, Wild Women Saloon & Grill and a newly added Escape Room.





IMG_5117 (2)Friday Evening  Dinner at the Wild Women Saloon

We have the back patio reserved just for our group or feel free to dine on your own at your cabin or some of the other restaurants in town.





IMG_2464aSaturday Morning Breakfast and then Willow Springs Lake

Breakfast is on your own or bring something to the lodge to share.  We typically have something quick and easy as we need to head to the lake at 8:00 am.  Even if you don’t want to kayak or fish, the lake is beautiful to sit and enjoy.  Those attending need to pack their own lunch, snacks and drinks.  If 8:00 am is too early for you – join us as you are able, but remember, we usually only stay until about 1:00 or 2:00.


 IMG_5314 (2)

We are very grateful to The Buhr Family that will have their pontoon boat on the lake again this year for individuals that would like to fish.  Note:  Those individuals that are unable to kayak will take priority for this activity.





We thank The Next Step Peer Mentoring & More and Daring Adventures for providing the kayaks and recumbent bikes to allow these fun opportunities for everyone to enjoy at no additional cost to you!



Saturday Afternoon and Evening

Hang out at the Lodge and enjoy your time visiting, playing a variety of board games, yard games, do some crafting, take a walk or bike ride or enjoy any of the many amenities of Bison Ranch.

Pizza, Salad and Drinks will be provided by We're MOVING FORWARD!  Feel free to bring your own food if you would like something different or have dietary restrictions.


IMG_2852aSunday at the Lodge

We have added on an additional day!  More time to relax and do what you would like to do!  BBQ start time TBD.  Everyone brings their own food.  If you have meat to cook, you clean, prepare etc. and there will be a BBQ grill for you to cook your own food. Bring a side dish or desert to share.













11826066_10153498151967487_7537116695709020646_n (1)We are happy to announce that Arizona Disabled Sports will once again be providing 4 - 6 recumbent cycles at no cost to you or our organization!  Thank you AzDS!








IMG_5130 (2)

  IMG_5210 (2)








Ideas for places to stay if not staying at the Lodge:

"Bar S Cabin" within Bison Ranch:  http://www.resortcabin.com/BARS-Bison-Cabins-Rental.html

"Cowboy Cabin" within Bison Ranch:  http://www.resortcabin.com/Cowboy-Bison-Ranch-Rental-Cabin.html

"Bison Luxury Suite" at the Condos within Bison Ranch:  http://www.resortcabin.com/Bison-Ranch-Arizona-Condo-Rental.html

"Gunsmoke Cabin" within Bison Ranch:  http://www.resortcabin.com/Gun-Smoke-Bison-Ranch-Rental-Cabin.html

"Silverado Cabin" accross the highway from Bison Ranch:  http://www.resortcabin.com/Silverado-Heber-Overgaard-Rental-Cabin.html

VRBO has rentals - make sure to look at the ones in Bison Ranch/Heber-Overgaard.  There are individually owned cabins and condos that people rent out.  Make sure to ask about accessibility if needed.  https://www.vrbo.com/results?q=overgaard&to-date=&from-date=&uuid=

Wyndham Extra Holidays:  https://www.extraholidays.com/overgaard-az/world-mark-bison-ranch.aspx?LID=GGLLOC   This is a timeshare that now has some rooms they rent to the public.  They said there are (2) special needs rooms and (10) lower level rooms that are not designated special needs but will still fit a wheelchair.

After you reserve - THEN YOU MUST CALL:  1-928-535-3010 which is the direct number for the resort condos there at Bison Ranch.  Tell them you just booked through “Extra Holidays” and they will “try” to reserve a special needs room OR a lower level room for you so it will be available for you when you get there.

Mogollon Resort Cabins - across the "Highway 260" from Bison Ranch.  Make sure to ask about accessibility.  http://www.azresortcabins.com/

Best Western Sawmill Inn - on Highway 260.  Make sure to ask about accessibility.  http://bestwesternarizona.com/hotels/best-western-sawmill-inn



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