OdySea Aquarium

Sat Feb03

9500 Via De Ventura, Scottsdale AZ  85256

Family Friendly / Accessible

Arrive no later than 12:30 for 1:00 Self Guided Tour

OdySea Aquarium

9500 Via De Ventura, Scottsdale AZ 85256

FREE to first 30 Survivors to register! Group rates for everyone else listed below.


Join us for one of Arizona’s newest attractions!


We will be taking a self-guided tour beginning at 1:00 pm that will take approximately 2 hours.  You are welcome to go at your own pace and stay as long as you would like. 


Group Rates for WMF are shown below.

We’re MOVING FORWARD! is paying the cost for the first (30) survivors to register online.   

Survivors also have the option to pay their own cost which is $20.95

Family/Caregiver  $20.95

Adults $30.95

Students $25.95 (with ID)

Seniors $28.95 (ages 62+)

Children $20.95 (ages 3-12)

Children FREE (ages 2 and under)

If you already have a membership with OdySea and are attending with us, you will still need to register.


There are many attractions at the OdySea that you can participate in, however they are at your own additional cost.   “Click here” to view the OdySea Aquarium website.  


For anyone that is interested in having lunch prior to the tour, please meet in the Lighthouse Café at 11:30.

Light House Café:  The Aquarium experience continues into the Lighthouse Cafe with a stunning art exhibit and amazing aquatic views.  Offering specialty salads, artisan pizza, gourmet burgers and sandwiches, the menu at the Cafe includes locally sourced ingredients that appeal to a variety of palettes and ages.  “Click here” to view menu.     


Additional Information from the Aquarium:  No outside food or drinks (besides bottled water) are allowed inside the aquarium.  Groups may bring sack lunches and snacks to eat before entering or after they finish their tour of the aquarium, but please note that they do not have a place to store the lunches.  Lunches should remain in the cars (or in backpacks that you carry) until after the tour of the aquarium.


Final Details will be e-mailed on 2/1/18 to all registered participants.

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