Coyotes Hockey Game

Sun Jan06

9400 W. Maryland Avenue,  Glendale  AZ  85305

Family Friendly / Accessible

Check-in at 1:00 pm / Game time 2:00 pm

Gila River Arena

9400 W. Maryland Avenue, Glendale AZ 85305

$16 (Normally $55 - $60)


This is one that has been requested for a while now.  In order to make it work due to pricing and availability of seats, this activity will take place on a Sunday and we will be in the upper level.


We are receiving a group rate of $32 per ticket.  (Tickets for this game usually run $55 to $60)


We’re MOVING FORWARD! will pay ½ of the cost for the first 60 survivors and their immediate family that register and pay their half.   Registration opened on 11/4/18 to those individuals that took the time to respond to our "Show of Interest" Evite that was sent to WMF participants on 10/29/18.  On 11/11/18, the remaining spaces were opened up to all participants. 


Once the 60 seats are gone, we can check on availability for additional seating near our group, but the cost to you will be the full group rate amount of $32.


Sorry – no refunds or credits.


IMPORTANT ACCESSIBILITY NOTICE FOR THIS ACTIVITY:  We have a limited amount of accessible seating, therefore if you are a wheelchair user and do not need a companion to be with you, please do not reserve a companion seat so that we will have more accessible seating.  Also note, that the accessible seating will be a section or two away from the rest of the group, as that is all they had available.


Option to Invoice for "No Show" If you register for an activity/event online or by mail and are unable to attend, please notify us in writing at or by calling one of the numbers listed below prior to the applicable registration deadline.  If we are not notified of change in attendance prior to the deadline, we will not be able to issue a refund for any amount you paid.  In addition, if you have registered for a “FREE” spot paid on your behalf by We’re MOVING FORWARD! and do not notify us of your change in attendance before the applicable deadline or are a “no show”, we reserve the right to invoice you for the amount that was paid on your behalf.


Required Documents to Attend/Participate:  A Waiver-Media Release/Info Form is required for each person attending any We’re MOVING FORWARD! activity/event.  This information is for emergency purposes and also for us to gather statistics for grants.  We will never share your personal information without your prior consent.  “Click here” to see an example of the document.  This document is automatically generated and e-mailed to you upon registering for an activity/event online.  If you did not complete this information at the Christmas Party or have not mailed them to us in advance, you will be required to bring them with you to the first activity/event that you attend in 2018.  The document is good for the full year.


Transportation/SafetyWe’re MOVING FORWARD! does not provide anyone to assist with care and/or safety needs.  Participants are responsible for their own safety.  If mobility, cognitive, vision or other issues can be foreseen putting any participant at risk, it is the participant’s obligation to have a responsible party attend with them to assist with their needs and safety.  We also do not provide transportation. 


AccessibilityWe’re MOVING FORWARD! is open to survivors of brain injury ages 18+ and their family members with varying abilities.  (Some activities/events are open to all family members and friends, any age)  The majority of our activities/events are wheelchair accessible; however, in our effort to provide a wide range of activities that challenge all of our participants, we do organize an occasional activity that is more suitable to those with less physical limitations as well.


Code of ConductBy responding, registering and/or paying for an activity or event for We’re MOVING FORWARD! You acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the "Code of Conduct".


QuestionsContact Ronda Alcorn (480) 209-7663 or Tara Pepiton (602) 909-7330.

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