Arizona Adaptive Watersports

Fri Sep06

20808 E. Bartlett Dam Road, Carefree AZ  85377

Adaptive / Accessible - Kayaking, Fishing, Jet Ski's, MonoSki, Outrigger, Tubing

8:00 am check-in / Ends appx 3:00 pm

Bartlett Lake Mariana

20808 E. Bartlett Dam Road, Carefree AZ 85377

SORRY! As of 7/27/19 all spaces for the 9/6 date are full. We still have room for Saturday 9/7/19.

You can register at:

Join We’re MOVING FORWARD! for our very own Adaptive Watersports experience at Bartlett Lake on Friday 9/6 and/or Saturday 9/7!

WMF is paying for a portion of the cost – your cost will be as follows:

  • Day $30
  • Days $90

The maximum amount of participants will be 30 per day.  Get signed up ASAP to reserve your space!


Deadline to register is midnight of August 30th


Activities include:  adaptive waterskiing (maximum of 15-17 participants per day), tubing, kayaking, fishing, party boat, jet ski rides, wakeboarding (maximum of 10-12 participants per day).


Due to some of the activities having limits on number of participants each day, those registering first will be given priority according to their choices.


*Note – although families are welcome to attend, the majority of the activities will be for the survivors only.  If there is enough room, families are generally able to go on the fishing boat, party boat, and the boat to take pictures of waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding.


All participants will be required to sign a Waiver of Release of Liability and Photo Release for WMF and Arizona Adaptive Watersports.  The WMF Waiver is e-mailed directly to you upon registration and the AAWS documents will be forwarded to you by WMF in a separate e-mail.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING WATER INTAKE:  Individuals who have previously attended the Day on the Lake program will not be required to do a water intake. 

NEW PARTICIPANTS:  You will be required to do a water intake.  We will be making special arrangements with you to meet at a location in advance to do your water intake and have it all complete prior to September. 


You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks (no alcohol).


The Last Stop Restaurant is open for dining or you will be provided with a phone number the day of the event to call in orders to be delivered to the dock.  Make sure to bring cash or credit card.


There are shady places to sit and keep as cool as possible – some areas with misters.


Please note – this event is separate from “Day on the Lake.”  Please feel free to attend both, however WMF is only helping with costs on our dates of 9/6 and 9/7.

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Option to Invoice for "No ShowIf you register for an activity/event online or by mail and are unable to attend, please notify us in writing at or by calling one of the numbers listed below prior to the applicable registration deadline.  If we are not notified of change in attendance prior to the deadline, we will not be able to issue a refund for any amount you paid.  In addition, if you have registered for a “FREE” spot paid on your behalf by We’re MOVING FORWARD! and do not notify us of your change in attendance before the applicable deadline or are a “no show”, we reserve the right to invoice you for the amount that was paid on your behalf.

Required Documents to Attend/Participate:  A Waiver-Media Release/Info Form is required for each person attending any We’re MOVING FORWARD! activity/event.  This information is for emergency purposes and also for us to gather statistics for grants.  We will never share your personal information without your prior consent.   This document is automatically generated and e-mailed to you upon registering for an activity/event online.  If you did not complete this information at the Christmas Party or have not mailed them to us in advance, you will be required to bring them with you to the first activity/event that you attend in 2018.  The document is good for the full year.

Transportation/SafetyWe’re MOVING FORWARD! does not provide anyone to assist with care and/or safety needs.  Participants are responsible for their own safety.  If mobility, cognitive, vision or other issues can be foreseen putting any participant at risk, it is the participant’s obligation to have a responsible party attend with them to assist with their needs and safety.  We also do not provide transportation. 

Accessibility:  We’re MOVING FORWARD! is open to survivors of brain injury ages 18+ and their family members with varying abilities.  (Some activities/events are open to all family members and friends, any age)  The majority of our activities/events are wheelchair accessible; however, in our effort to provide a wide range of activities that challenge all of our participants, we do organize an occasional activity that is more suitable to those with less physical limitations as well.

Code of Conduct: By responding, registering and/or paying for an activity or event for We’re MOVING FORWARD! You acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the "Code of Conduct".

Questions? Contact Ronda Alcorn (480) 209-7663 or Tara Pepiton (602) 909-7330.

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