Nature Hike & Roll

Sat Jan26

20304 W. White Tank Mountain Road,  Wadell AZ  85355

Ages 18+ / Accessible

11:00 am to appx 4:00 pm

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

20304 W. White Tank Mountain Road, Wadell AZ 85355

SORRY! Registration closed 1/24/19


Meet at Group Picnic Area:  Ramada’s 4C and 4D


What to bring:  Lunch if you have dietary restrictions, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, cell phone, money for entry fee.  Weather can change at any time.  Watch the weather forecast and be prepared.  Layering your clothing is always a good idea and a backpack might be helpful as well to keep everything in. 

No Dogs/Pets allowed including therapy animals.  Only registered service dogs will be allowed.


Details:  Check-in and Check-out from this activity is REQUIRED!  We will have a check in sheet and everyone must make sure to sign out prior to leaving the park for the day so that we can be sure that everyone is accounted for.  We also require that you have a minimum of (1) other person with you during your hike. 


Transportation / SafetyWe’re MOVING FORWARD! does not provide anyone to assist with care and/or safety needs.  Participants are responsible for their own safety.  If mobility, cognitive, vision or other issues can be foreseen putting any participant at risk, it is the participant’s obligation to have a responsible party attend with them to assist with their needs and safety.  We also do not provide transportation.


Lunch:  11:00 – 12:00 WMF will be providing a variety of sandwich choices, chips, drinks and sides.  If you have dietary restrictions or prefer something else, please feel free to bring your own.


We will be in a group picnic area with benches and seating under covered Ramada’s near accessible restrooms. 


Hiking: 12:00 – 4:00 There are over 28 miles of shared-use trails of varied difficulty.  Some may be extremely difficult.  Therefore, we recommend that you only use one of the “barrier free trails” as follows:


Black Rock Short Loop and the first half-mile of Waterfall Trail are barrier-free trails. 

Waterfall Trail is a 0.9-mile (1.8 miles round-trip) trail in White Tank Mountain Regional Park.  The first half mile is barrier-free and suitable for wheelchairs; the rest is easy. It packs a lot in its short length.  At about the halfway mark is Petroglyph Plaza, a heavy concentration of ancient rock carvings.  The barrier-free portion ends a little farther and the trail becomes slightly steeper; near the end are some steps.  The trail ends at a waterfall in a small, narrow canyon carved out of solid rock.  All along is Sonoran Desert vegetation and distant views east.  (Note: Some photo locations are approximate.)


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Sonoran Loop Competitive Loop is NOT RECOMMENDED:  This TRACK is for high speeds, challenging one's skills, and racing.  Use TRAILS elsewhere in the park for leisurely traveling.


"Click here for Map"


"Click here for a Trail Rating Guide to help you choose the right trail for your ability"


"Click here for Trail Ratings & Etiquette" 


"Click here for Park Rules"


Nearly 30,000 acres makes this the largest regional park in Maricopa County. Most of the park is made up of the rugged and beautiful White Tank Mountains on the Valleys west side.

The range, deeply serrated with ridges and canyons, rises sharply from its base to peak at over 4,000 feet. Infrequent heavy rains cause flash floodwaters to plunge through the canyons and pour onto the plain. These torrential flows, pouring down chutes and dropping off ledges, have scoured out a series of depressions, or tanks, in the white granite rock below, thus giving the mountains their name.


Option to Invoice for "No Show": If you register for an activity/event online or by mail and are unable to attend, please notify us in writing at or by calling one of the numbers listed below prior to the applicable registration deadline.  If we are not notified of change in attendance prior to the deadline, we will not be able to issue a refund for any amount you paid.  In addition, if you have registered for a “FREE” spot paid on your behalf by We’re MOVING FORWARD! and do not notify us of your change in attendance before the applicable deadline or are a “no show”, we reserve the right to invoice you for the amount that was paid on your behalf.


Required Documents to Attend/ParticipateA Waiver-Media Release/Info Form is required for each person attending any We’re MOVING FORWARD! activity/event.  This information is for emergency purposes and also for us to gather statistics for grants.  We will never share your personal information without your prior consent.   This document is automatically generated and e-mailed to you upon registering for an activity/event online.  If you did not complete this information at the Christmas Party or have not mailed them to us in advance, you will be required to bring them with you to the first activity/event that you attend in 2018.  The document is good for the full year.


Code of Conduct: By responding, registering and/or paying for an activity or event for We’re MOVING FORWARD! You acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the "Code of Conduct".


Questions?  Contact Ronda Alcorn (480) 209-7663 or Tara Pepiton (602) 909-7330.

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