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Tara Pepiton, Linda Countryman and Ronda Alcorn


We’re MOVING FORWARD! Board of Directors

It is important to note that We’re MOVING FORWARD! is maintained by all volunteers including it’s Officers and Directors who do not receive any kind of salary or compensation.

IMG_4763-001Ronda J. Alcorn, President

Ronda is a Co-Founder of We’re MOVING FORWARD! Her son Austin suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2006 from a roll over car accident caused from falling asleep at the wheel.


IMG_0424Tara L. Pepiton, Treasurer

Tara is a Co-Founder of We’re MOVING FORWARD! and caregiver to her son Adam who suffered a traumatic brain injury from being shot in the head during a drive by shooting. Tara also serves on the Governor’s Council for Spinal Cord and Head Injuries.


Justin-tempJustin Larson, Secretary

Justin is a Financial Solutions Advisor at Bank of America. Justin’s wife Sandra suffered a stroke in 2005.





Michelle Alcantar

Michelle is the Director of Community Partnerships at Glendale Community College (Maricopa County Community College District). Michelle’s husband David suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a fall in 2007.



Lauren A. Bostick

Lauren is an attorney with Rachel Frazier Johnson Law, practicing in Divorce, Child Custody, Spousal Maintenance, Child Support, Adoption, Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts), Personal Injury, Contracts, and Business Law.


Robert (Rob) A. Poundstone

Rob is a practicing personal injury attorney in Phoenix and an owner of Poundstone Scotten, PLLC.  Rob has had many family members who have been diagnosed with brain tumors.


Marianna Robertson

Marianna is a caregiver to her son Tommy who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a dirt bike crash in 2015.



kelly 2
Kelly Socha

Kelly is retired. His wife, Yvette suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall in 2005.




The 2017-2018 Brianiac Social Council

The Brainiacs Social Council began in 2016.  The Council is responsible for planning four social gatherings during the year.   A portion of time at each social is spent compiling ideas from fellow survivors to help plan activities and events for the following year.  The Council then attends a yearly meeting where they determine the top activity choices to present to the Board of Directors for approval.  The Council is  also responsible for welcoming and mentoring other survivors and their families.


2017 Annual Brainiac Social Council Meeting.   Austin Alcorn, Erika Natori, Kurt Fulton, Kurt Trennepohl, Brandon Woodward, Kuna Williams, Evie Williams, Marc Nielsen, Adam Pepiton and Kayla Routhier.  Not shown – Alex Gantchev and Kelsey Elmore.




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